It's very satisfying to me and rewarding that more and more people are discovering the benefits of buying products that are organic. I recently wrote a post about skin health and the debate about whether and to what degree chemicals are absorbed into your skin - see here. In that article I also talked about why we use certified organic ingredients, but also that our company is not a certified organic company, so we can't use the USDA certified organic label or the label of any 3rd part certifier on the front of our labels - and we don't. We can say, however, that our products "contain certified organic ingredients and we can say at what percentage they are in a particular product. What that means is, although our products would meet and surpass the requirements for being certified organic, we hadn't taken that step yet. 


Unfortunately, there are companies out there - and usually some of the larger big box companies - who use the words certified organic ingredients just as eye candy. We don't do that! We are proud of our ingredients and hope that you will take time to look at the long list of organic ingredients included in all of our products.


Well, if the ingredients are NOT used just for marketing purposes - and considering they are usually 2 to 3 times more expensive than non-organic products, then why do we? We decided from the beginning that we wanted clean and effective ingredients. We wanted products that we were assured would not contain any pesticides, additional hormones, insecticides or residue left from pests in large warehouses. We also discovered that unrefined certified organics when compared to their non-organic look alikes do not "look alike". 

We, ourselves, try to eat as organically as possible and are finding that it's not that expensive, unless you are looking for grass fed, pastured meat (doesn't have to be certified organic if you know where it comes from). I've noticed that more and more people are beginning to see why that is so important. I've attached the link to a recent survey that shows many and many more people are asking for organic products. It's an "organic poll" taken from 3,000 people asking what their preference is. It's a short article, but a good one I think that shows the tide is turning more and more to organic. Click on the "check out this link" below.


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Thanks for listening!