I probably wouldn’t have thought of Chocolate Raspberry all by myself – it was a special request by a wholesale customer, but it’s really wonderful – thank you Jeanne! And - I was thinking very seriously of discontinuing this particular fragrance but several things happened along the way that made me change my mind. My husband and one of his best friends celebrated their birthdays together at our house. His wife was to bring the salad and dessert. Well, she outdid herself as she always does and we had a truly amazing decadent dessert of hot fudge and fresh (yes - in January!) raspberries placed over what we call "Magic Bars" (very yummy) and topped off with whipped cream. See - I don't always eat salads!  It occurred to me then that I not only loved the combination of raspberries and chocolate, but I loved the smell. Then I kept getting orders for this soap! So - here it is and we still have it and love it. It also has the extra antioxidant benefits from the organic cocoa powder. Think you will love it too. As with all of our soaps it contains 100% certified organic oils and certified organic shea butter.