I don't remember for sure what gave me the motivation to formulate an effective insect repellent. I know the chiggers would pretty much eat me alive if I even stepped outside to put water in the dog's water bowl. But I think the final impetus was the summer the flies caused a sore on Abby's nose that until just this year resulted in a scar. It has finally healed, but I remember quite clearly the helpless feeling I had when I saw the flies congregating on her nose. I had to DO something. It was at that time, that I began to do research into what essential oils would work against these invaders yet still smell good and be safe. I tested many different blends, used Neem oil which does work but frankly stinks. I didn't want that for us. There is a story to be read elsewhere of how we received an order from Bell South for a "big" order to be used on their line workers after Katrina. It was then that I knew all those years of research would not only help Abby, but others as well. 

We are limited in the things we can proclaim about our products due to FDA and EPA laws and regulations. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to have your products proclaim the EPA registration number - not yet for us. But we have been able to formulate a product that falls within their "safe" list and has proven ingredients that are well-known for their ability to deter and repel mosquitoes, chiggers, flies, fleas and ticks. We offer this essential oil blend for those who want to add it to their own carrier - such as distilled water.

We have many testimonials of how well our blend works and would love to hear from you as well.