This is one of my all-time favorites for skin care and it is in all of our facial products – all of them! Why? It’s not a cheap oil, but it has a long and illustrious reputation of being a cell regenerator. Known to be a popular skin care ingredient where it “displays a distinct revitalizing effect on skin suffering from lack of tone.” – Kurt Schnaubelt. The oil is obtained from the steam distillation of the wild carrot. This carrot is not to be confused with the cultivated carrot that we eat regularly (or you should!) It has, in some of the literature, been referred to as Queen Anne’s Lace and the flowery, white lacy tops are what is distilled into the essential oil. I grew up where Queen Anne’s Lace was a weed. It has a woody, earthy aroma that some find objectionable, but the amount needed for skin care products doesn’t come through in the final product – but the effect it has on your skin will come through. Check out the Benefits tab for additional information. Take a look also at the benefits of Carrot Oil, which we also use extensively in our facial products.