Aniseed or Anise Seed and Anise Star are often confused one for the other and have very similar chemical constituents. They are, according to some authorities, acceptable substitutes for each other and the aromas are identical. Our product is Aniseed, which was used by Greeks and Romans for bread making, as it is today. The Chinese have long used it in cooking and medicine. Aniseed is reported to mask human scent and is used often by hunters and is also known to be an attractant for fish – we’d love to hear back from you on how our Hunters & Fishermen’s soap and spray work for you.

 We've begun publishing our essential oil data base with more in-depth information for those who are interested. As a nurse, I automatically categorize information as to body function and you will see that that is how I've assembled the essential oil database.

Safety: This essential oil can cause dermatitis in some sensitive people and should be avoided by anyone with allergic or inflammatory skin conditions. It has been reported that large doses can be narcotic and cause decreased cerebral circulation, which can lead to cerebral disorders. Use in moderation only.