Unique blend of garden aromas

Oh - we have been back and forth on this one. We have tried out different blends, we tried using all essential oils, we tried using all fragrance oil, but our testers agreed that the blend of essential oils with just a hint of rose fragrance oil is what gives it that unique smell of a victorian garden. Rose essential oil is very expensive, although worth every penny, but not something we would be able to use in a soap. We needed that rose fragrance to round out the secret garden that we were looking for. We do use the rose essential oil in our Secret Garden body creams and other Secret Garden products - because it doesn't take very much and these are what we call "stay on" products. We've even given this particular soap extra attention to detail when we were trying to decide how to color it. I (Ann) decided that I wanted it to represent green for the ground and rose colored for the top representing flowers - call me crazy! So that's what we have and, of course, it comes out a little different with every batch. The green is naturally colored with parsley powder. The essential oils we've used include mandarin, geranium, ylang-ylang, clary sage and a touch of myrrh.