Valentine’s Day Special – Limited Edition of our handmade, cold-processed, organic shea butter soap made with 100% certified organic shea butter and oils.

Molded soaps are often and usually made from synthetic ingredients using what in our industry is known as “Melt & Pour”. What that means is, the soap is purchased in block form from the supplier and the soapmaker melts the soap and pours it into the molds. Quick and easy. I used to do that, but now I wanted something better. I still wanted my cold-processed organic soap to be in a molded shape! Well, it can be done – but not easily and/or quickly. You won’t find a melt and pour that’s made with 100% certified organic butters and oils, but we are offering it here. I love the different molds that are available and we have a vast supply, but making a molded soap using the cold-processed, handmade, way is a little bit more difficult and time-consuming. We thought it was worth the effort though for Valentine’s Day. We’ll offer special molded soaps for other seasons as well. We’re also offering it with a special Valentine’s Day phthalate-free fragrance – Love Spell (Type). Yes, it’s a Victoria’s Secret “smell-alike” and we have to call it a “type” because they have the name patented. Our fragrance, according to a couple ladies who worked there, is “right on duplicate” of that popular fragrance. It has often been our best seller at trade shows.