Aniseed Essential Oil

Aromatherapeutic uses for Aniseed Essential oil include:

To be perfectly honest, this essential oil was not in any of my classes and not on my list of oils that I regularly use or recommend. That was until a friend asked me to make a soap that he knew about that "attracted" fish and also masked human scent while hunting. This intrigued me, so I began to frequent some of the forums and blogs such as Bass Pro and learned that in fact Aniseed is a common and frequent use for these applications. So I formulated a soap and a body spray. We haven't used them ourselves - yet, but will be interested in any testimonials or experiences by those who do.

The scent of Aniseed is strongly familiar as licorice and some love it and some don't. It has many beneficial properties far and beyond those mentioned above and we've assembled that information in our ever-expanding Essential Oil Database. For those who want more detailed information please take a look there. This oil has an amazing array of benefits that I wasn't aware of myself until I began to do the research.

An important consideration for anyone using Aniseed oil. It is quite high in the chemical constituent, (E)-Anethole, also referred to as trans-anethole, thus giving this particular oil the properties of being anti-platelet and vaso-relaxant. This can be a good thing for some vascular issues, but must be avoided if taking other blood thinners or prior to or post-surgical procedures.

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