You will enjoy the light lemon scent, but please do not spray directly into anyone's face. On children less than 2 years of age, do a skin test first by spraying a small amount in the inside elbow area and leave overnight. If there is no adverse reaction such as a rash or red area, then apply by spraying your own hand and patting down the child. The bottle will provide a fine mist that can be sprayed easily over the entire body. Spray under clothing if mosquito's are in larger numbers than normal. Mosquito's can and do bite through clothing. To apply on face and/or hair, simply spray your hand and pat that area with your hand - I also do this around my neck. Spray liberally on feet and arms. Before I even think about walking into the yard, I have to spray my ankles to avoid chigger bites.

DO NOT USE ON CATS!! Cats cannot metabolize essential oils and you may not see the damage, but the possibility of organ damage is high - according to most references I've read.

PLEASE NOTE: As always when trying something new please test your sensitivity by putting a small drop on the inside of your arm. Essential oils are potent and although very beneficial can cause reactions in some people. DO NOT USE SPRAY NEAR FACE OR GET LOTION NEAR EYES. DO NOT USE ON CHILDREN LESS THAN 2 YEARS OF AGE WITHOUT DOING A PATCH TEST. DO NOT USE ON CATS.