Yep, we've actually moved the shop at Sutter Place Mall to our home - again. This time it will be new and improved and very much like what we had at Sutter Place. The expanded business was just too much for me to keep up with production and also our increasing online business. Now, I can again make my products while looking out the windows at my flowers and dogs - and even the snow I know will be coming. I've never been an indoor person and certainly not able to withstand long hours with no windows. I refuse to out source to a contract manufacturer, which uses machines and are in factories. Hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing. Sometimes God gives us what we ask for just to show us it really isn't what we want, and most importantly what He wants for us. And this is the case. We have reorganized the entire house and the "shop" will be very pleasant with sunlight shining through two windows and still have the beauty (I think) we had at the Sutter Place shop. We can sit down and share a cup of coffee or tea (or infusion water). I'm no longer having to carry ingredients, containers and essential oils back and forth each morning and evening. I'm no longer having to leave the dark empty parking lot from an empty mall because I've stayed late to pack orders. Orders will return to being shipped in a timely manner again - we had lost some of that. And probably one of the most important things is - I'm happy. If you know or believe in the power of intention, you have to understand that my love for what I do is infused in each and every product I personally make and package. Each order of an essential oil is individually and freshly bottled at the time of your order. There are many benefits to this practice. 


Oh heavens no! We have met so many new and special customers that we probably otherwise would not have. We learned a lot and will use that knowledge to continue to expand our business. Sutter Place Mall is a unique and special place with people and shops that have had their businesses there for years. If you haven't stopped by there, you really should. 

SO - our hours, which was the original subject. I am here almost every day other than trips to the post office, some meetings, a Bible study on Wednesday and, hopefully, some coffee dates with long-time girl friends. For this reason, it is just a good idea to call us first to confirm I/we will be there. Our shop phone is the same at 402-261-5877. If I don't answer, it is because I'm making soap or cream - or out of the house, but will return your call as soon as possible.

I'm truly excited about this and looking forward to having some open houses during the holiday season. Please feel free to come by, but be aware we are still in transition. I think you will like this situation so much better.