December 17th: This is the final day to place orders you want to ship prior to Christmas. Since the nature of this business is to produce fresh items, package them by hand and get them out to their destination, this should allow me time to get it made and shipped and barring any USPS delays, able to arrive in time for Christmas. USPS is running about 2 to 3 days over their normal priority mail guaranteed deliveries, so please take this into consideration before ordering.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS (Lincoln, NE) can continue to pick up orders and place orders after December 17th, but since most of our products are made fresh to order, I can’t guarantee that we will have what you order still in stock. Basically, after Dec. 17th, we will only have some soaps still available. Please call before ordering to make sure we have them on hand. Again, this is for LOCAL CUSTOMERS ONLY, meaning orders that do not require shipping.


December 19th:  This will be the last day we will be shipping orders out in 2015. I can’t guarantee that orders shipped after the 19th will get to you before Christmas since USPS has been taking longer than their 2 to 3 day priority mail guarantees. Do not choose any shipping options other than USPS priority mail. Otherwise, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t get it by Christmas. We ship 99% of our orders priority mail.

December 19th – January 10th:  You will be happy to know that we will be on Christmas vacation, sitting in front of the fire, reading books, playing with our grandkids, watching old movies and eating popcorn. We will also be working on the website and doing our year-end inventory.  Therefore, our offices and production facilities will be closed during this time.

You can still shop and place orders on the website, and we will be offering a 10% promo code for those who do order during this time frame (use code NEWYEAR16). We will begin filling and shipping these orders after January 10th and in the order they are received.

If you have any questions, please call us at 402-261-5877 or email me at annrn@wingsets.com.

Thank you!