Old Cheney Road Farmer's Market - Sunday, August 19, 2012

So very thankful for the cooler temperatures these past two weeks. We've done so much needed work in our yard and garden. Hard work, tired and weary bones, but loved every minute of it. That's what I have to think of as I watch what the farmer's bring to the market every week. How do they do that? And how do they do it when temperatures are in the double digits! We have the very BEST vendors at this market with so many different things to offer. Hey! We have good stuff too. Come try out our creams and get a free sample of soap. Our new soap just off the curing tray and ready for you to take home is our Coconut Pineapple. Will be getting it on the website soon. We used to make this and my daughter (with eczema) told us how it helped her when nothing else did. I just had to think it was the added benefit of raw organic grated coconut. I'm not sure why we stopped making it, but we've had a lot of requests lately for it - so here it is.

See you there 10 am to 2 pm. Weather forecast is for cool, pleasant temperatures and sunshine.