Aching muscles? Tried worn out creaking knees? Muscle or nerve pain? We have the natural and organic answer.

We infuse our own oils in small, temperature-controlled batches using certified organic herbs of arnica, calendula, chamomile and helichrysum in certified organic sunflower and olive oil. Contains a well-researched synergistic blend of warming, analgesic and muscle-relaxing essential oils.

Plai has long been used by Thai massage therapists for its soothing and anti inflammatory properties. Plai is of the same family as ginger but with different properties and more intense actions - both oils as well as the others in this blend are very effective.

I had a neroma removed several years ago and have had chronic pain since that time. My husband has been told by an orthopedic back specialist that his back is a mess due to 30+ years working as a contractor, and he should have surgery - again. We didn't want to do that or resort to pharmaceutical pain killers. So - as in all of our products - I began to do a lot of research into what natural remedy I could come up with. The spicey muscle rub is it! This very effective soothing rub is a researched blend of pure essential oils and organic herbal oils that have centuries of proof that they work for nerve, muscle and bone pain. We mixed all of the best ones in just the right percentages and even we were surprised that it works as well as it does.

We infuse our own Arnica oil because we wanted to make a more concentrated infusion, which is also why we do our own infusion of the other herbs used in this blend - we also save on costs and lessen our carbon foot print. This is an oil to take everywhere for those of us who have chronic aching muscles, nerves and bones. It sits on the bedside table on my side of the bed and in the middle of the night when that deep aching pain hits my left knee, I just reach over and rub this in and immediately the pain is gone. It is a powerful synergy including infused oils of the botanicals of arnica, chamomile, calendula and helichrysum – all well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. We added this blend of botanical powerhouses to Emu oil and Certified Organic Tamanu oil – both of which have been shown to be very effective pain relievers, plus they are extremely good transdermal carriers – meaning they carry all of these pain relieving properties down to where they actually do some good, they don’t just sit on top of your skin as do most of the products out there. To this we added an amazing blend of essential oils that have research-proven properties of analgesia (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. Of course – the botanicals are certified organic, the Emu oil is certified pure, and the carrier oils are certified organic. 4 oz bottle with dropper cap will last a long time.