If you haven’t been reading about the absolutely amazing properties of Rooibos, take a look at our benefits & properties page where we go into some detail.  You will be seeing more of this extract in many of our formulas.  Rooibos is a very effective anti-inflammatory  & antioxidant and added to that is our usual DMAE & MSM.  We include these two ingredients in most of our facial products because they have been proven to work consistently to tighten, firm and improve the health of your skin.  According to research done by a scientific team in Japan, Rooibos tea contains a “mimic of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase”.  Now you ask – what does that mean!?  So happy you asked!  It means that SOD is a very powerful, well-known antioxidant that destroys free radicals that cause the aging and damage to your skin – Rooibos has been shown to mimic the same action.  We’re doing research now on the beneficial effects Rooibos has on rosacea since it has anti-inflammatory properties.