Well, I have to be completely honest - this cream was formulated originally and continues to be - for me. I have very dry and sensitive skin (as well as rosacea) and absolutely nothing on the market worked. This works and I have tweaked it down through the years as I start to see tiny little wrinkles, so my research becomes a little more intensive as does the formula. It works - it really does. This is the most effective skin cream available in a natural formula or any formula for that matter!  We are using nature’s remedies and they are so much more powerful than all the nanochemicals and synthetics that you see hyped everywhere – nature knows about synergy!  That is what nature is all about and we’ve been blessed to capture this awesomeness in this intensive cell-renewal cream.  You absolutely WILL NOT FIND any other skin care products in my house - I use, and have used, only Wingsets' Facial Regimen for years now and I believe the health of my skin is probably my best testimonial.

We include a high percentage of Jasmine Green Tea, White Tea and Rooibos Tea as we have read studies concerning its beneficial cancer-preventing properties and healing properties.  If you look at our ingredients, you will see that we use certified organic green tea as an organic infusion and put it in again as a botanical extract, plus we’ve added Rooibos tea as well as other herbals for their skin calming and renewing properties. We’ve also added specifically targeted essential oils to combat dry and maturing skin.  The essential oils we use have been suggested to be ingredients that can have an obvious effect on the health of your skin and the appearance of wrinkles.  These are not “miracle ingredients” that you see advertised everywhere.  They are simply essential oils that have proven ability to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and soothe damaged skin and possibly prevent further damage. They are from nature and because of that your body accepts them as natural.   As far back as biblical times Esther used these oils, as did Cleopatra and many other well-known beauties.  Our formula includes a high percentage of anti-inflammatory (that causes wrinkles and patchy, dry skin) and antioxidant ingredients.  Read the ingredients and their properties on our Product Information Page.   

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