Check out all three of our holiday Air Sanitizer and Linen Sprays!

Holiday scents equal holiday memories! Use these natural aromatherapy air sanitizers made without chemicals to welcome in the Season. Why is it that the smells of Christmas and Thanksgiving stay with us forever?! That’s so much of what is special about aromatherapy. These three air fresheners in particular bring me back every time to good memories of cooking with my mom, my daughter and now granddaughters during the holiday season. It seems we start earlier each year before Thanksgiving. We’ve just added the pine/fir fragrance for those of us who really, really LOVE that smell as soon as you walk into the room – whether you have a real tree or a put-in-the-box one. It is available year round, but we’ve added a nice Christmas label to it so these make nice gifts as well. The beauty of these air sanitizers is just that – they really do clean the air with the natural essential oil blends. The cranberry, of course, is a fragrance oil, but we’ve blended it with real cinnamon and clove essential oils to give you the natural antibacterial benefits of those two oils – both shown in studies to kill bacteria as serious as MRSA in the air and on your counter tops.

Organic Peppermint

Christmas Cranberry Spice

Holiday Pines