Peppermint cleaner with real peppermint essential oil. It cleans the air and anything else you wish to clean with it. This cleaner even without the essential oils is wonderful for shining chrome appliances, any countertops, floors and bathrooms. When the peppermint essential oil is added the antibacterial properties of that oil are also added making this a very good choice for cleaning anything – plus you will benefit from breathing in the peppermint essence.

This Hypoallergenic All Purpose Cleaner is your best choice for an eco-friendly cleanser for your household. We purchase a blend of 100 % botanical actives and add our essential oils. This cleaner safely and effectively cleans any water washable surface in your home. You’ll be happy to know it is completely biodegradable and made from powerful ingredients that are all natural and come from sustainable sources. No more harsh chemicals or sensitizing agents that can irritate sensitive skin and harm our environment! And of course, this product has not been tested on animals or contains any animal product.

Feature and Benefits:
• Hard duty Cleaner
• Hypoallergenic
• 100% Plant Based Ingredients
• Non-toxic
• Safe around Pets and Children
• No Animal Testing
• Completely Biodegradable