This is a unique and well-researched blend of powerful essential oils to fight against molds and yeast issues. I developed this blend many years ago, but have recently added some additional oils after reading some recent research about dill essential oil. Finalizing this blend became urgent in our household as my husband acquired a systemic yeast overgrowth resulting in constant itching. He was miserable and so was I as we tried to go to sleep at night. He actually tore a hole in one of our sheets because he would be constantly rubbing his feet together to relieve the itching. We then recently had two separate occasions when friends had flooding in their basements with subsequent mold overgrowth, which can be quite dangerous resulting in serious respiratory difficulties.

We seem to have more and more people calling us asking about Candida and telling us that "nothing is working." I'm not sure why this is more common, but we do know that sugar, refined carbs such as white rice and packaged/processed foods feed yeast. As always, what you put IN your body is even more important than what you put ON your body. However, this blend has proven to be very effective in controlling and stopping the signs and symptoms of yeast overgrowth and Candida. The research shows that Dill Weed Oil alone kills several different types of mold. Please email me at if you'd like a copy of this research.

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