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Organic Fresh Lemon Zest Soap

By Ann C Wooledge
on October 18, 2012

Handcrafted REAL organic soap

Handcrafted using fresh organic lemon zest and fresh organic cold-pressed lemon (Citrus limonum) essential oil. Lemon essential oil has well-researched immune-enhancing properties and the organic fresh lemon zest adds gentle exfoliating properties. Made the old-fashioned way that uses only natural and organic ingredients that naturally retains glycerin. Don't be fooled by those triple-milled, high dollar soaps that are a mix of synthetic ingredients. Take time to read your labels - your skin will thank you. We use ONLY certified organic shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil - all very skin healthy, nurturing, hydrating. We use only organic botanicals rather than chemical dyes, which also add beneficial antioxidant properties to each and every bar.

Organic Herbal Oat Hair Conditioner - 4 oz

By Ann C Wooledge
on July 09, 2012

Really our NEWEST products, also after years of experimenting and testing. With over 90% organic content and a ph (perfect for healthy shining hair) of 3.5 to 4. It is as all of our products, paraben-free, phthalate-free, petrochemical-free and doesn't leave my hair loaded down and heavy but yet not fly-away. Believe me when I say I'm very picky about my shampoo and conditioner and especially as a combination. It is the perfect compliment to our herbal shampoo and also makes a perfect synergy if using them together.  Pictures coming soon, but wanted to get it at least with a link in order to announce its arrival. It contains all of those herbal ingredients that we use in all of our products - organic calendula, chamomile, aloe vera and many others. Take a look at our new herbal shampoo also - FULL of awesome ingredients for those of us who really want a natural and organic product without the ubiquitous pesticides and hormones found in even certified organic products - go figure.

Organic Herbal Shampoo & Shower Gel - 4 oz

By Ann C Wooledge
on July 08, 2012

Herbal Shampoo & Shower Gel with over 70% organic ingredients and organic aloe vera.

One of our newest products after years of experimenting and testing. We LOVE this sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, petrochemical-free, very nice sudsing shampoo. Made with over 70% certified organic ingredients, it does definitely add highlights and health to every head that it comes into contact with. Pictures coming soon, but wanted to get it at least with a link in order to announce its arrival. This dual purpose shampoo and shower gel contains all of those herbal ingredients that we use in all of our products - organic calendula, chamomile, aloe vera and many others. Take a look at the conditioner also - FULL of awesome ingredients for those of us who really want a natural and organic product without the ubiquitous pesticides and hormones found in even certified organic products - go figure.

    Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia) Essential Oil

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on February 01, 2012

    Truly this oil has been a wonderful surprise for me this past year. I simply discounted it for many many years because of its reputation as a strong skin irritant. It wasn't until I started digging more into the chemical makeup of oils and their individual properties did I realize how very beneficial this particular oil is. It has a much sweeter fragrance than cinnamon leaf or bark and has a high level of the chemical constituent mentioned above. Cinnamon Bark also has a high level of this constituent, but it is both more expensive and doesn't smell as good. The oil itself is somewhat dark and viscous. The common uses are about the same as the cinnamon spice, which has been gaining much popularity the past few years and for very good reasons. The reason I love this oil is that it has the sweet taste and smell that we are all familiar with - such as cinnamon chewing gum. Traditionally, this dried herb was used as a spice and the essential oil as a flavoring agent.  In traditional medicine it has been used for digestive complaints. Used much the same way as Cinnamon. We've added it to our cold & flu blends and cinnamon orange spice blends. Makes a very good room cleaner and antiseptic - see our air freshener. Perfect for day care, schools, locker rooms, hospitals, keyboards - all those places bacteria accumulate and stay so easily.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Womens' Aromatherapy Gift Set

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on May 06, 2011

     Unique organic home spa opportunity!

    Organic, affordable, very good for your skin and your attitude! All of these products contain our professionally customized blend of pure essential oils - full of relaxing, calming and healthy properties. Choose between our high altitude Lavender, our Mellow Me , Enchanted Evening or Citrus Vanilla Spice aromatherapy blends. These essential oil scented options, plus many more, also come in powder, body mists and soaps. Mix and match to make a unique gift basket.

    Yeasty Beasty Essential Oil Blend

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on September 20, 2010

    This is a unique and well-researched blend of powerful essential oils to fight against molds and yeast issues. I developed this blend many years ago, but have recently added some additional oils after reading some recent research about dill essential oil. Finalizing this blend became urgent in our household as my husband acquired a systemic yeast overgrowth resulting in constant itching. He was miserable and so was I as we tried to go to sleep at night. He actually tore a hole in one of our sheets because he would be constantly rubbing his feet together to relieve the itching. We then recently had two separate occasions when friends had flooding in their basements with subsequent mold overgrowth, which can be quite dangerous resulting in serious respiratory difficulties.

    We seem to have more and more people calling us asking about Candida and telling us that "nothing is working." I'm not sure why this is more common, but we do know that sugar, refined carbs such as white rice and packaged/processed foods feed yeast. As always, what you put IN your body is even more important than what you put ON your body. However, this blend has proven to be very effective in controlling and stopping the signs and symptoms of yeast overgrowth and Candida. The research shows that Dill Weed Oil alone kills several different types of mold. Please email me at annrn@wingsets.com if you'd like a copy of this research.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Naturally Nurturing™ Nurses’ Hand Cream

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on January 03, 2010

    Herbal Balm – perfect for nurses!

    What's new about our all purpose herbal balm? Well, we've added certified organic unrefined (high oleic) Avocado oil, a particularly nurturing oil for the skin. We are now using certified organic food grade Avocado oil, unrefined, not the cosmetic grade that other cosmetic companies might use - and that actually we used to use. Why did we change? Because the unrefined retains all of those natural vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. It also has sterols, lecithin and other essential fatty acids that are lost in the refining process. These are properties we need to impact the health of our skin. Is this certified organic, unrefined oil more expensive? Yes, it certainly is, but for now we can absorb the cost and keep the price of this very effective healing balm the same as we have for probably five years. Check out our ingredients' information data base to find out just exactly what that means - if you're interested. This oil has a long history of being particularly helpful to those with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea - or just dry, thirsty skin! When we opened the container of the new unrefined avocado oil it was amazing and we knew it was worth the extra cost - very dark, rich green and thick. We have in the past used cosmetic grade which was colorless, odorless and thin and, frankly, we just weren't satisfied with that. We think you'll notice the difference. We certainly did.

    This all-purpose balm also includes certified organic Chamomile, Calendula and Helichrysum flowers infused in certified organic high oleic sunflower oil. We’ve began infusing our own oils several years ago as we became concerned at what temperature our suppliers may be infusing their oils. I have no idea - they may or might not be taking the extra time and effort to keep the temperatures low and for longer periods of time to enhance and protect nature's beneficial properties that are lost with high temperatures and extra refining. So - we do it ourselves - now we know it's done like we want it done. By doing this we know that the oil has been infused at the most effective process possible to extract and retain as much of the beneficial properties as we can - the energy of the plants. We go above and beyond the norm and infuse the oil longer and at lower temperatures.

    Calendula is an important folk medicine plant, often used for treating inflamed tissue. During the Civil War, doctors used calendula leaves to treat open wounds on the battlefield. Calendula flower is among the most soothing of herbs for salves. Herbalist Aviva Romm, author of Natural Healing for Babies and Children (Crossing Press, 1996), uses it along with chickweed (Stellaria media), plantain (Plantago spp.), comfrey (Symphytum officinale) and chamomile (Matricaria recutita) to soothe children’s skin. There is a study of calendula for wounds that showed it to noticeably stimulate physiological regeneration and skin healing. We've taken out the comfrey leaf and root botanicals simply because of some controversy and frankly we're just not sure if it's justified or not - so we just figure we have enough good stuff in this jar that it doesn't need "iffy" stuff. I personally love comfrey and will continue to use it, but I understand and love ingredient readers who do their research - that's why we are a business and that's why we started making our own products.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


    Immune Enhancer Blend Essential Oil

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on August 31, 2009

     We reformulated this already effective blend in the summer of 2011 after reading more and more research about the immunostimulant properties of quite a few of the essential oils we already love and use in this and other blends. We will soon be adding links to some of the best articles for those who want to know the why's of this blend and the proof that the chemical constituents in this blend have been researched and shown to be very effective. The predominant chemical constituent in some of these oils have studies showing they activate white blood cell activity (basically your immune system's army), are able to inhibit airborne germs, and general immunostimulants. The perfect blend to use if you're going to be traveling, in a conference with lots of people stuck in the room for hours at a time, shopping on busy holidays, a childcare setting, a hospital hallway or nurses' station or just being exposed to potentially dangerous colds and flu's. We've detailed below the properties of each oil:

    Petitgrain - contains a high percentage of Linalool and Linalyl acetate known to be immunostimulants

    Dill Weed, certified organic - contains Carvone which has been studied and shown to increase white blood cell counts, and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Clary Sage - also contains about 50 to 60% Linalyl acetate and is believed to be an effective immunostimulant

    Oregano - contains Carvacrol, which is a well-known to have highly effective antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, plus it is suggested that Carvacrol might have some of the strongest antioxidant properties.

    Basil, ct linalool - this particular chemotype contains approximately 92% linalool, and as stated previously, is believed to be a very effective immunostimulant.

    Tea Tree, certified organic - this oil is one of only a few essential oils used in aromatherapy that contains a fairly large percentage of Terpinen-4-ol and though well-known for its germ fighting abilities, it is believed to be an effective immunostimulant and plays a part in activating white blood cell activity (our front-line germ fighters)

    Lemon, certified organic - contains d-limonene a powerful helper for our immune systems as studies have shown that it contributes to the activity of some of the most important aspects of our bodies ability to fight off infections, including increasing the total white blood cell count, antibody production and enhancing our natural killer cell activity. 

    Cinnamon leaf - contains Eugenol which has been studied and found to be a very effective germ fighting constituent

    Black Pepper, certified organic - contains Caryophyllene-b, shown in studies to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

    Clove leaf - also contains Eugenol and has the properties as stated above has been shown to be highly antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory

    Bergamot - contains Linalool and as stated previously has been shown to be an effective immunostimulant  


    Naturally Nurturing™ Hand & Body Cream

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on August 29, 2009

    One of our most popular items in our organic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan line of luxurious products at very affordable prices.  Google other organic creams, lotions and soaps and you will see just how reasonably priced our products are, plus they are truly skin-healthy and therefore contribute to the overall health of you and your family.  Mix and match with our organic botanical soaps.

    Mother Nature knows best - that's what we believe and that's how we purchase our ingredients and formulate our recipes. Thicker than a "lotion",  this organic, paraben-free, non-greasy cream slides easily onto your skin with no “drag,” absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, renewed, hydrated and healthy.  Take a look at our ingredients and you will see why our cream is a step above. Our base is pure certified organic shea butter with 100% certified organic vegetable oils that we purchase from suppliers that we trust and know. We purchase unrefined, virgin oils that still retain all of nature's benefits that haven't been processed out of them. Our creams are naturally thick without artificial fillers and stiffeners you will see everywhere. Yes, it's less expensive to just make the product thick with chemicals, but we want healthy skin, so we use a large percentage of certified organic shea butter instead. We include certified organic skin-healthy herbs that we infuse at low temperatures for weeks and pure essential oils that are natural anti-free-radical ingredients known to protect your skin from aging and environmental toxins.  It is difficult to find a product with as many unprocessed ingredients as ours, as well as being organic. Choose unscented or one of our uniquely blended true aromatherapy choices using only 100% pure essential oils.

    You asked – we listened. We are now offering all of our creams in the convenient sizes listed above, and also in bottles!

    Naturally Nurturing™ Hand & Body Cream is available in these natural scents custom blended by a professional clinical aromatherapist.

    Bergamot and Lime* (caution statement below)
    Clementine Lavender

    Citrus Vanilla Spice

    Enchanted Evening

    Lavender Mont Blanc

    Mellow Me™

    Pink Grapefruit & Tangerine*
    Secret Garden

    Sleepy Time

    Vanilla Nutmeg
    Special Order

    *Phototoxic potential - "In several studies, application of some sources of bergamot oil directly to the skin was shown to have a concentration-dependent phototoxic effect of increasing redness after exposure to ultraviolet light (due to the chemical bergapten, and possibly also citropten, bergamottin, geranial, and neral). This is a property shared by many other citrus fruits." For more information see here from Wikipedia.

    Organic Green Tea, Tea Tree & Lavender Cleanser

    By Ann C Wooledge
    on August 29, 2009

This organic green-tea and aloe vera based lotion-type cleanser is perfect for peeling away layers and deep cleaning without leaving a residue.

    Green Tea, rooibos and white tea are well-researched and shown to be excellent anti-oxidants to counteract the free radicals we all acquire daily.  We then add our "skin blend" of pure essential oils to add to the powerful benefits of this cleanser. Look at our ingredients and you will note that green tea extract is at the top of our list of ingredients – meaning we’ve added a high percentage – not just a small amount as most of the products you will see on the shelves today.  There are interesting reports that Green Tea Extract can retard/prevent certain types of sun damage and also can help reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier by stimulating ceramide production, rooibos tea and white tea also have a stellar report card for skin health.

    In an issue of Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Self-Healing” newsletter he has included an article entitled “Natural Skin Care Advice”, in which he agrees with us that healing comes from within first – good nutrition, good spiritual health – and then outward defenses.  In this article he recommends only a few things – one of which is green tea extracts.  To quote: “…and lab studies suggest green tea may protect against skin cancer.”  You will find certified organic green tea as our most often used ingredient and always at the top of our list of ingredients, not stuck it at the bottom – meaning it’s only there in small, useless amounts.

    See more about our recommended daily Facial Regimen.

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