Infused Arnica montana herbal oil

This is THE oil to turn to for inflammed arthritic joints, bones, bruises, contusions or just sore muscles. We've written more about this oil, its constituents and some research attributing these properties to this infused/macerated oil. This is not an essential oil - this is a fixed carrier oil. The Arnica montana flowers are certified organic and we've infused them for at least 3 weeks at low steady temperatures to insure that these proven benefits are retained. See our blog here for more information. 

We use this oil along with the organic infused oils of calendula, chamomile, helichyrsum and St. John's Wort in our Spicey Muscle Oil (along with a very well-researched and effective blend of warming essential oils.

Take a moment to read about the safety and caution tab with details on this product.