True balsam fir essential oil in a soap

We spent a week (well almost and our first vacation in 7years - check it out on our Facebook page) at a lake in Minnesota this September (2012) and there were fir trees all around our deck that overlooked the lake. I experienced the most amazing calm and peacefulness and I could not stop smelling the air! I attributed it at first to the beautiful view of the lake and then remembered my research into the essential oil that exudes from these trees. Interestingly enough, I was also reading Kurt Schnaubelt's new book, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, at the same time where he discusses some studies done on loggers. So - I knew then that I had to make a soap using fir needle. I ended up working with two different types of fir needle and I added some certified organic Scotch Pine and Himalayan Cedarwood to round out the scent. It really did turn out every bit as good as I had hoped! I really think you will like this one.