Basil Essential Oil, ct Linalool

For more in-depth information on this particular essential oil and how to incorporate it in your wellness program and aromatherapy-at-home use, refer to our Essential Oil Database.

Can cause skin irritation if not diluted properly. Use sparingly and with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy or hepatic (liver) disease. There are many different varieties of basil, the one we offer here is higher in the constituent linalool which is thought to be more therapeutic, soothing and uplifting. There are varieties that are high in methyl chavicol which in high doses may be carcinogenic.

My favorite use of this particular chemotype of basil is to relieve the neck pain that starts at my cervical spine (from too many years back in the days we had typewriters), moves to the base of my skull and then radiates up and out into a full-fledged tension headache. Now a good massage would work wonders, but for a do-it-yourself quick and effective fix, I keep a bottle of Tamanu oil with just basil essential oil mixed in it - the linalool chemotype.  I use about 8 drops (using the dropper type bottles we sell our essential oils in) to 15 grams (by weight) or 1/2 ounce of Tamanu oil. You could use any oil, but I've found the Tamanu to be very effective for this application. Arnica infused oil would also be a good choice. Check out our Aromatherapy Recipes blog for more ways to use basil - we will be adding more and more recipes. I keep a small bottle of this mixture handy, but if you wanted to make up just enough for one application it would be easy to do with the treatment type bottle we offer with the Tamanu oil. Using the treatment bottle you would be safe with one or two pumps of the Tamanu oil and then add 1 to 2 drops of the basil essential oil.

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