Bay Rum Essential Oil

Synergistic recipe for Back Pain: (from Aromatherapy Solutions by Veronica Sibley)

Bay Rum 2 drops
Clove 1 drop
Lemon 2 drops

Sunflower oil 15 mls (1/2 ounce)
Hypericum oil 15 drops

According to Veronica Sibley in her excellent book, Aromatherapy Solutions, she notes that this synergy works because of the following properties of each of these oils:

Bay Rum - Helps nerve-end pain with a warming effect where there is "coldness within the muscles."
Clove - Has "pain relieving properties affecting the nerve end pathways."
Lemon - Is a "superb tonic to the circulatory system, cleansing the body of waste, and works well with neuralgic pain."

Now, she doesn't state specifically the botanical names for the oils in this recipe which would be helpful. The lemon is not a problem, but there are different types of "bay" essential oil. We believe since she profiles Bay Rum (Pimenta racemosa) later in the book that's the one she is referring to. Also clove is available as the oil from the bud, bark and leaf. We are assuming she means clove bud. Both clove and bay rum can be very irritating to the skin if not diluted properly so test this recipe as you go and possibly do a patch test prior to applying over a large area such as your back. I think it sounds like a winner though and will try it on my foot where I had a neuroma surgically removed that has left me with a high degree of nerve pain. CAUTION: Both Bay Rum and Clove Bud are anticoagulants and should not be used by anyone who is taking blood thinning medication such as Coumadin.

For additional in-depth information about Bay Rum essential oil look at our Essential Oil Database. We would also recommend our Spicey Muscle Oil for any nerve pain or back pain issues - already blended and ready to go. And for additional recipes using essential oils, take a look at our Aromatherapy Recipes section. We will be adding to that almost daily.

Safety/Cautions: Bay Rum should be used in moderation due to the high levels of eugenol content, as mentioned above, and can be a mucous membrane irritant. We repeat, use caution if taking any anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin, heparin or Coumadin. We have been using this particular essential oil more and more as we discover new and practical ways to use it other than just the fact it smells so wonderful and is a favorite for many. Bay Rum should never be taken orally.

IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.

We also suggest you have a good working knowledge of the use of essential oils or consult with an aromatherapy professional prior to use. In addition, Essential Oils must be properly diluted before use in order to avoid any damages to property or adverse physical effects (including injury or bodily harm). Please read our Disclaimer before using our products.