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Essential Oils

pure authentic unadulterated GC/MS tested undiluted essential oils

Aromatherapy using pure unadulterated essential oils

Use our aromatherapy appropriate (as opposed to commercial grade) essential oils for health and well-being. 

Our essential oils are tested to be therapeutic, non-adulterated, pesticide and herbicide free and carefully chosen by Ann who is an internationally certified aromatherapist, a registered nurse and experienced in the use of essential oils. All of our blends have been custom-blended by Ann who enjoys spending long hours researching the beneficial properties of essential oils. See a full description of our philosophy and attention to pesticide-free and sustainable requirements for our oils here. Visit our Essential Oil Database for more detailed information about individual oils, their benefits, properties, usage and safety. PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH OUR UPDATES ON THE BATCH NUMBERS. PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC QUESTION. ALL OF OUR ESSENTIAL OILS ARE FRESH AND OUR TURNOVER HAPPENS FREQUENTLY - WHICH IS WHY IT IS DIFFICULT TO KEEP UP WITH THE WEBSITE, BUT WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THAT A PRIORITY. THANK YOU!

And here is an article by Tisserand Institute that discusses how many drops are in a ml, which I think is very helpful, again realizing that the essential oil or oils, as well as the dropper type will make a difference. Lots of other very good information on that site as well.



aromatherapy dilution chart for wingsets